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Module catalogue

Each complete module is a corporate top-tier Storyline eLearning module ready for your rebranding and customisation.

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Welcoming Gender Diversity

Explore core ideas behind gender diversity to help staff engage with the ideas and know what’s expected to provide a welcoming and inclusive workplace.

Code of Conduct

Your Code of Conduct is foundational to your organisation yet often forgotten. Improve adherence and awareness with induction or refresher eLearning.

Privacy Essentials

Being respectful and careful with private information is important. Get your staff buy-in and commitment to their obligations under the Privacy Act.

Fighting Fake News

The Kiwi workforce haven’t been trained to be critical of the sources of their information. Give your people the skills to navigate the rising tide of fake news and disinformation.

Unconscious bias

Unconscious bias is one of the hardest nuts to crack for businesses tackling inequality. This module can help your people take their first steps.

Stop Bullying

Bullies flourish when the good stand by and do nothing. This module encourages your staff to speak up, stand together and stop bullies getting a foothold.

Outwitting Online Scammers

Online scams increase in frequency and sophistication and we humans are the weakest security links. This module works to change that.

Personal Wellbeing

When we’re under stress we tend to forget the important things, like looking after ourselves. This module encourages your staff to care for their personal wellbeing.

Remote Working

Help your people respond to remote work challenges and maintain good health, communication, teamwork and output when they work remotely.

Health and Safety Culture

Modern Health and Safety is about nurturing a culture of safety, not ticking a box. This module is a strong scene-setter for building a positive health and safety culture.

Countering our Climate Crisis

Help your people understand the science of climate change, why what we do in New Zealand matters and the proactive things they can do as individuals.

Looking after each other

Help your people treat one another with care and build a compassionate workplace culture that will pay dividends to both your staff and your business.

Focus and Attention

A personalised combination of time management and attention management all aimed to help people make the most of their productive time.