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Unconscious bias eLearning

This Unconscious Bias eLearning will explain to your people:

  • what unconscious bias is,
  • how it appears at work,
  • what your business is doing to combat it, and
  • what they can do at a personal level to reduce this inequality.

Whether it’s how your people engage with your customers or how they interact internally, unconscious biases permeate and effect every interpersonal interaction we have.

Systemic adjustments (such as data-led decision making) are brilliant at negating the effects of bias, but they skirt around the issue. If your people talk, unconscious bias has an impact at that interpersonal level.

Learners love this Unconscious Bias training:

…one of the best I’ve seen in [the LMS]. It was excellent! Whoever designed that, big high 5. I wish they could all be like that!

– Anonymous learner

I love doing the IAT test and the practical examples provided in this module – really made me think how I react and respond to different people.

– Anonymous learner

I enjoyed this module and felt it supported the ideas and contents in Bullying and Harassment module

– Anonymous learner

Sample page: use of _____ to illustrate a bias example without reinforcing any.

Sample use of _____ to illustrate a bias example without reinforcing any.

Learning objectives

By the end of the eLearning, your people will be able to:

  1. Explain what unconscious bias is
  2. Identify the moral, social and economic costs of unconscious bias
  3. Explain how unconscious thought ‘gets out’ using the dual process theory
  4. Identify how biases can manifest in the workplace and how to combat it
  5. Identify and be aware of their own biases
  6. Commit to one action to combat unconscious bias in their work
  7. Find further help and education on unconscious bias.

Unique Unconscious Bias eLearning features

Careful treatment of examples

Examples are gold in training, yet examples of stereotypes are an HR minefield. The module carefully walks the line, using blanks and prompts for the learner to mentally fill the gaps with their own stereotypes and prejudice rather than directly providing any.

Encourages personal reflection

Understanding what unconscious bias is and its damage is one thing, but discovering and challenging your own biases is another. The module is sensitive to both the importance of exploring learners’ biases and dealing with the uncomfortable knowledge that may result.

Personal commitment pledge

The module strives to encourage behaviour change to reduce bias, rather than merely educate on the topic. Learners are asked to make an optional commitment to perform behaviours that will combat unconscious bias and reduce its negative effects in the workplace.


A challenging five question quiz focussing on desired behaviours provides assurance that your learners understand what they need to do if they want to lessen the impact of unconscious bias.

As with all Blair Learning modules, Unconscious Bias features:

  • Source files and/or full customisation for your organisation
  • One-and-done pricing
  • Great learner experience feedback
  • A Kiwi flavour and humour
  • SCORM or intranet formats with custom email completion

While stand-alone, this eLearning is also written to compliment and work alongside other Unconscious Bias training initiatives.

Options include

  • context before workshops such as from Diversity Works, and/or
  • an annual refresher afterward,
  • a substitute resource for those who can’t attend workshops,
  • a resource for new starters going forward.

Request a demo link and see if it’s right for you.

  • 20 minute learning time
  • No audio or video
  • Easy rebranding
  • Storyline 360 source file
  • Standard pricing
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