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Finder’s fee scheme

If you point someone in your network my way and they buy a module I’ll give you 50% off one.

I’ll stack it too – if they buy two I’ll do you a module for free, and you can sit on that until I build something that’ll be useful to your organisation.

There’s no underhanded aspect to this, just win-win-win. If my modules aren’t right for the referred, no sweat – but if they are, you will have:

  • helped them find a great solution
  • helped me keep doing this
  • helped your organisation too.

That’s how I’d love to run my business.

My modules sell themselves when people see the demos. They’re enjoyable, effective and efficient and I can turn them around quickly and at a great price too. My wonderful early adopters agree as they keep working with me, and their trust in my quality and referrals have been everything so far. I just need more referrals!

Please help me make my little business a success. Help your network, help me, and help yourself with one little action – refer folks my way when it’s right!

Could my modules help someone in your network?
Help all of us – send them my way!