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Introducing an easy LMS option
Small and medium sized organisations have the same training needs as huge organisations, but not the scale or budget for the same L&D infrastructure. I had a think about how I could meet that need, and here's the solution I came up with: a templated LMS.
Unconscious bias eLearning - NZ Made
Time to tackle Unconscious Bias?

The Public Service Commission is encouraging all State Agencies to implement Unconscious Bias training. This is awesome for our society and awesome for me too, as I have been fielding more queries about the Blair Learning Unconscious Bias module.

Privacy Essentials launched
There’s a lot of free training out there about Privacy. Knowing this, I still invested considerable time here because the topic is important, interesting and is consistently mistreated into a box-ticking snore-fest. Treat Privacy right – check out my module for your organisation.
Looking After Each Other module on compassion launched
Compassion training works. The benefits of building a compassionate workplace culture are multiple and almost endless in terms of productivity and wellbeing. I built ‘Looking After Each Other’ to help us to not just think compassionate thoughts but follow through into what really matters – the actions that make every day better and just may stay with someone forever.
Help your people work from home

Huge numbers of us are heading home to work remotely at the moment. For many it’ll be the first time they’ve done it for weeks on end. Whole teams, whole organisations are heading home to work – how will this impact people, team dynamics and work productivity in the long term?

Show you don’t tolerate bullies!

The day is fast-approaching when thousands of New Zealand businesses take a stand with our nation’s schools and say “bullying is not OK!”
Is your business ready to support the message, come May 22?