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Dealing with Disinformation module launched

The worldwide disinformation scene is growing in depth and complexity and the Kiwi workforce have never been trained to view their media critically.

The changes in the world of information is reaching crisis point. As journalists devour each other besieged within our crumbling fourth estate, New Zealanders’ uncritical eyes get their news through unmonitored headlines and comments in social media feeds. People are getting polarised and rejecting hard science for easy emotions.

Organisations are taking the hits. Disinformation destroys reputations in an instant, staff hide their true selves and basic truths get murkier. The problem is already here – we can’t even refer to Government-produced material without considering if it’s a political hot potato. Poor decision making will follow suit.

Disinformation has been highly effective overseas, yet we haven’t been trained to be critical of this stuff. But there is hope – even simple training has been proven to help people navigate the information in our ‘post-truth world’.

I’ve made a great little eLearning module on dealing with disinformation in the New Zealand context. It can help your people be critical of the information they consume and keep making good decisions.

Please get in touch to view the demo. Let’s help your people stay critical and well-informed.