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Product customisation process

Here’s how we can get your finished product together when you decide to buy a module.

Training development is a partnership and I will want your module to be the best it can be. This is a template, but we can figure out what works for us.

You provide the direction on brand.

What do you want your module to look like?

We can easily change:

  • Splash page
  • Header bar
  • Colours throughout.

Perhaps you have other eLearning or imagery you’d like it to look like.

Alternatively I can refer to your websites and develop the eLearning brand for you.

Note: font family and size are not necessarily easily changed. 

I brand and upload the module for review.

I will brand-up your module and upload it to Articulate 360 review for your customisation review. Articulate 360 Review enables you to easily add comments to screens and layers throughout the course.

You review and inform me of your required edits.

You may wish to run a workshop with your owners and subject matter experts to identify and explain exactly what you’d like to add, remove or change. These edits should be documented through the supplied Articulate 360 review link. You can include me in these sessions if it is useful.  

Up to eight hours of my effort is included in the personalised pricing to help you customise your module. This is tonnes of time for regular tweaks and edits, but if you have grander schemes we can have a chat about what is possible before my hourly rate for this work kicks in.

I edit the module and upload for you to check

I make the required updates and re-upload it for checking and sign-off.

In an ideal world, if the edits have been well-documented, this should be it!

Further rounds of edits as required

I am happy to work with you until you have the product you want, and will gladly fix any errors on my part. Time beyond eight hours total spent on new edits not identified or fully supplied in the first round of review may be charged per hour (will be discussed beforehand if required).

Depending on your internal capability you may wish to complete further edits in-house.

When you’re happy, I deliver the files

With your OK, I’ll package your personalised module up and deliver it to you. You’ll get:

The SCORM package (the published output, to be uploaded onto your LMS or intranet)

The Storyline source file of your customised course

Implementation notes and larger programme ideas as relevant.

You upload to your LMS or intranet

Your module is now yours! As long as you don’t give it away or offer it to the public, you can do anything you want.

I am available for any troubleshooting or technical queries you have during your implementation, or if you need me when you continue to tweak your module.

Keep in touch!

I would love to hear how the module is received by your learners, how your training programme goes and any future update, improvement and next-step ideas you may have.

The fine print
Modules are built in various versions of Articulate Storyline 360, an industry leading eLearning development tool. To edit in-house, you will need an Articulate 360 subscription ($999 USD per year), though you need nothing to participate in the review process.

As these modules are built in Storyline you’ll benefit from the active Storyline development community and Articulate’s responsive technical support team. However, using Storyline does limit my technical ability to fix absolutely anything – some technical elements are not within my control.

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